Our Pack

Jody Shaw, PMP, CMP 

Founder, CEO, and Outdoor Adventure Trainer

In college, Jody Shaw was the President of her outdoor club, a kayak tour guide, and a swim instructor during the summers on Martha's Vineyard where she grew up. As an adult, she oversaw whitewater rafting, ski trips, camping trips, and outdoor mud-run obstacle course races. For over a decade Jody has overseen learning and development programs for a global audience. Adventure Woof Packs has been her life-long dream to combine her love of the outdoors, teaching, and adventuring with her dogs. She now lives in southern Washington and her goal is to inspire others to start their own adventure journey with their dog.

Yadira Esquivel

Yadira is a first-generation student at Columbia College Chicago pursuing a BA degree in Public Relations. She enjoys learning about animals, reading, and painting. She's excited to be a part of the pack and learn something new with the team.

Stephen Foster

Certified Dog Trainer

Stephen Foster is a certified dog trainer with extensive experience as a professional dog groomer. In addition, he is the proud owner of five amazing rescue dogs. He is based in Ridgefield, Washington, and runs in-person group and private lesson dog training classes. He is also working on starting his own kennel facility. If you sign up for the Virtual Puppy Training subscription you will get to see him in action with Capri! 

Claire Robertson

Certified Dog Trainer

Claire became interested in dog training the way most people do, she got a dog that was completely out of control! The more she worked with her dog, Charlotte, the better our relationship became. Instead of being stressed out about her getting out and not coming back, Claire was happy and excited to take her on walks or to family events. She believes training is a tool to help you and your dog become best friends, and use relationship building, reinforcement-based training, and creative problem solving as a means to create that friendship.Claire is the owner and trainer of Candid Canines. She is a certified trainer, recognized by the CCDPT and has an associates degree in English. She is certified for Pet First Aid and CPR. Claire is a Certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Claire is also a CARAT Assessor. Trainer Claire works with pet dogs, therapy, and service dogs. In her free time, she likes to go on hikes with her dogs Sadie, Hank, and Chico and horseback ride. You will get to see Claire in action during our Foundations course, in addition for our Wanderlust Pass subscription for the Dog Tricks month. 

Dave Harkin

Running Coach

Dave Harkin attended the University of Oregon and graduated in 1993. After a four-year teaching career that took him to Louisiana, Colorado, and Seattle, Dave eventually returned to Oregon where he met his wife and business partner, Paula. Dave and Paula are the owners of Portland Running Company. Dave has won several local races including the Race for the Roses Half Marathon, the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon, the Sauvie Island Flat Half, and the Hagg Lake 25K trail run. He is a four-time champion of the Newport Marathon. Dave is a dynamic speaker and coach who inspires hundreds of athletes every year through seminars for a wide range of groups and through his work with Portland Fit. If you are signed up for the Wanderlust Pass, you will see Dave in action during the Trail Running month. 

Giulia Giuffre

Certified Dog Trainer

Giulia has been working with dogs, cats, and pocket pets in some capacity for over 10 years. Her passion for animals started as a young child who wanted to learn everything possible about wild and domestic animals. She was also the child in the neighborhood that scooped up stray dogs and cats to sneak home. By the time she left for Southwestern University to study Animal Behavior, she had three dogs and two cats in tow. Like many pet enthusiasts turned trainers, one of my pups was particularly troubled and needed some extra attention. While working in pet boarding facilities, vet clinics, and animal shelters, Giulia dedicated her spare time to helping her dog build his confidence and learn to make better choices. She was so happy when the training really clicked for her dog, our communication and relationship grew and his stress decreased. The more she learned, the more she noticed other dogs’ struggles and she wanted to help them as well. Giulia took every opportunity to learn and practice dog training and behavior modification. From this, she earned her Shelter Behavior Affiliate with the IAABC, CPDT-KA, Certified Dog Parkour Instructor, and Certified CGC Evaluator. She adheres to the principles upheld by the IAABC and CCPDT. This includes using force free, least intrusive, minimally invasive training methods. Training should be fun and built on a relationship. Giulia is always learning and striving to improve my training skills. She loves attending seminars and conferences featuring top behavior experts. When not working on continuing education, she spends time with her own dogs - Dristi and Pilot. They get to be guinea pigs for practicing new training and enrichment games. We also enjoy going on hikes and watching TV.If you are signed up for the Southern Wanderlust Pass you will get to see Giulia in action with the Parkour sessions!

Joe Monk


Joe Monk worked as a traditional photographer until he realized he was taking more pictures with his smartphone than his DSLR - now, he leaves the camera at home more often than not. From beginner tricks to professional techniques, Joe has the knowledge to help you better capture content of your four-legged-friend without expensive gear. He is the owner of iPhone Photography School. He can probably be found out on a trail with his wife, Kathryn, and their rescue, Jasmine.  If you sign up for the Wanderlust Pass subscription you will see Joe in action during our dog photography month!

Annie Appleby

Dog Yoga Instructor

Annie was one of the earliest participants in the U.S. yoga movement. She began taking yoga on the lot at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California. She later went on to patent a unique alignment exercise mat to help rehabilitate herself after a serious car injury damaged her back and hips. Annie started teaching yoga privately in 1997 after founding her yoga apparel company, YogaForce, in 1995. As a skin cancer survivor and advocate, Annie has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, The Skin Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.  As a health and yoga expert, Annie has also works closely with American Bone Health, a national organization that provides education, resources, and tools to help people understand bone disease and bone health.  Annie has made several television appearances, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in conjunction with MTV Yoga and YogaForce. In May, 2010, Annie was invited to present on the benefits of balance and yoga to the Huntington's Disease Society of America annual convention.  Annie is the proud parent of a Pomeranian, Madison Avenue, and has recently been conducting dog yoga classes to work on alignment and bonding with her friends and their pets. Annie teaches human yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also travels to teach and is currently getting certified to teach Pilates as well.
If you are signed up for the Wanderlust Pass you will see Annie in action for dog yoga!

Katy Hayes

Dog Massage & Aqua Therapist

Katy has been working with dogs in varying capacities since starting her pet sitting and dog walking business almost 25 years ago. Working as a small animal massage therapist in a therapy pool is a perfect marriage of Katy’s love of water and dogs. She is currently a co-owner of SplashDog Canine Wellness Center in Edmonds, Washington.  As a lifelong learner in the world of dogs, she is constantly adding to her store of knowledge regarding dogs’ health and behavior.  In her spare time, she watches her two sons play baseball, hikes with her dogs, and works in her yard.  If you're signed up for the senior dog series, you'll see Katy in action! 

Navi Mello-Shaw

Adventure Dog

Navi is a six-year-old lab, chow, American pointer mix. Jody rescued Navi at four months old from a shelter in Texas and raised her to be a true adventure dog from the beginning. You will meet Navi each month skillfully demonstrating different adventures if you are signed up for the Northern or Southern Wanderlust Pass! 

Capri Mello-Shaw 

Adventure Dog

Capri is the new addition to Jody's family. Capri is an eight-month-old lab mix who is just starting her adventure dog training journey.  Capri will help show you what the process will look like as you are just starting out with training. If you are signed up for the Virtual Puppy Training subscription!