Wanderlust Pass Adventure Schedule

Here is our main adventure focus for each month

(Please note the list is subject to change): 

  • January: Snowshoeing (Wanderlust Pass With Snow) or dog yoga (Wanderlust Pass Without Snow)
  • February: Skijoring (Wanderlust Pass With Snow) or dog parkour (Wanderlust Pass Without Snow)
  • March: Photo scavenger hunt
  • April: Biking
  • May: Camping
  • June: Standup paddle-boarding (SUP)
  • July: Canoeing
  • August: Kayaking
  • September: Dog photography
  • October: Trail running
  • November: Treasure hunting aka Geocaching ®
  • December: Paw-print art and dog tricks

Each month will focus on a new adventure and the training sessions will build upon the last month's training.

What dog training skills will we be covering?

  • Dog first aid
  • Behavior basics
  • Dog's learning cycle
  • Dog park etiquette
  • Curbing common bad habits (bolting through open doors, barking, ect)

General commands:

  • Standard commands: Lay down, sit, stay, ready and shake, leave it, touch
  • Trail etiquette: on-trail, off-trail, directions (right vs left)
  • Unique commands: Look, belly, back up, with me, wait and run
  • And more!